Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY feeder from gallon milk jug

The girl's feeder had gone wet and moldy after the storm so I made them a new one. It cost me all of nothing and took 2 minutes. I cut holes in the sides of a gallon milk jug and suspended it from the roof of the run at about the level of the hen's backs. The top of the jug keeps the rain off, and rodents can't get in. Not too much gets spilled; but then they like scratching up the grain from the ground anyway.

I don't have any pictures of them eating from the new feeder because they were taking the opportunity for a bit of a graze. Katie was sticking close to Shirley, who was unperturbable as usual. Josie was even shyer. They are moulting and there are feathers all over the place in the garden.

This is how they really like to eat.
Fairly typical behaviour: (L-R) Josie and Katie looking wary, Shirley noshing.

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Katie Priest said...

Great idea! We tried it last night and the chickens love it! No more tipped over chicken feeders!

Thanks for sharing!

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